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OSRAM Entertainment Lighting Solutions

OSRAM Entertainment Lighting Solutions 

Light sets the scene and builds emotion!  From live stage performances and the wondrous displays of architectural brilliance, to the studios that create the magic of TV and film each and every day, OSRAM offers professional illumination for a wide variety of entertainment lighting needs.


Product Families for Entertainment Lighting



Compact, projection style lamps ideal for small moving head fixtures that produce brilliant light effects for concerts and clubs.

Lok-it Power Series

Lok-it!® & Lok-it!® Power Series

With high luminance, these lamps are also designed with a special base for ease of use and safe handling.  Innovative Power Series options provide further performance enhancements.

HTI® SharXS®

Reliably bright and efficient light sources for moving head fixtures that provide consistent lengths and bases for simplified designs.

Osram HMI


HMI lamps are designed to simulate daylight color temperature of 6000K with a CRI>90 for film and television studios.  With technology enhancements most types now provide UV blocking technology identified by their orange base.



Originally designed exclusively for the ETC Source 4 fixtures, HPL lamps are now used in a wide variety of ellipsoidal fixtures. OSRAM offers a full line of wattages, voltages and long-life options.





The world of entertainment comes to life with the right light.  OSRAM is an internationally sought-after partner when it comes to the right lighting.  Its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes provide the high quality and reliability that fixture OEM’s, lighting designers and technicians can all count on.  From the tried-and-true lamp families, as HPL, HMI and HTI SharXS, to newer advancements in technology with SIRIUS HRI, Lok-it! and Lok-it! Power Series, OSRAM offers a wide variety of high performance entertainment lighting.


Many years of experience, coupled with broad technological know-how have made OSRAM a true pioneer in the field of entertainment lighting.    



OSRAM Specialty Lighting Solutions

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