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Residential water and air


The quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink has a profound effect on our health and well-being.

Many people do not have access to clean drinking water. Impure or contaminated drinking water can cause a range of diseases from typhoid and cholera to gastroenteritis and hepatitis A.

Households can purify their water by installing UV water purification systems at the point of entry in the home, at the point of use (such as the kitchen sink) or via separate purifiers. Combined with a filter to remove suspended particulates or organic materials, the result is clean water.

Next to that, many households are troubled with harmful germs that float through the air, such as the flu and pneumonia. These can be rendered harmless through air purifiers equipped with Philips UV lamp systems. As a result, illnesses that are easily transmitted via the air are minimized and the overall air quality is improved

Municipal water and air


Every government aims to provide  its citizens with  safe and clean drinking water.

If they can de-activate the micro-organisms in  water cost-effectively by avoiding, or reducing, the use of chlorine, all the better. Philips is helping to  do just that with a range of lamp systems designed to meet all the main municipal requirements and comply with new legislation.

Waste water must also be disinfected before it is discharged into the environment. Not only does  this minimize the risk to the local population, it also helps to protect vulnerable natural eco-systems in the discharge areas. Here too, our UV lamp systems  are becoming increasingly popular. 

 Highly cost-effective, they treat waste water  without adding chemicals or residues.  Safeguarding our communities and the environment.

Commercial and Professional air

Increasingly, we spend more time indoors, for example at work, on trains and in aircrafts, in schools, cinemas and shopping centres. The air we breathe in these environments is anything but clean. In fact, it’s often re-circulated along with all the bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke  and toxic gases that are trapped along with it.

In hospitals this can be a real problem.  Hospital acquired infections affect around 10% of patients during their stay. And there is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections, like the flu, molds, pneumonia and MRSA, is transmitted via the air - at a huge price, both in terms of human life and financial costs. Tuberculosis is even 100% transmitted via the air. Philips UV purification lamp systems provide a safe, reliable and sustainable solution. Ideal for use in ventilation air ducts, air disinfection units or stand-alone air purifiers, they help protect against airborne pathogens, creating a safer and healthier indoor environment with the power of light.

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