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OSRAM Purification Lighting

OSRAM Purification Lighting Solutions

Most people do not think of light as a means of purifying or disinfecting, however special "germicidal" lamps emit high intensity ultraviolet light for water purification, air purification and surface purification - without harming the environment by the use of chemicals. OSRAM PURITEC HNS germicidal lamps provide peak intensity at 254nm that is ideal for highly effective sterilization of water, air, and surfaces.

 OSRAM Purification Bulbs

Purification with PURITEC® HNS® UV-C germicidal lamps



Broad range of low pressure germicidal UV-C lamps that emit 254nm ultraviolet radiation to purify and disinfect without the use of harmful chemicals. 



Water Purification

The PURITEC germicidal lamp technology by OSRAM is an innovative disinfection method using ultraviolet light. The UV-C radiation peaking at 254nm results in a cell-destroying effect that is ideal for highly effective water cleaning.


Air Purification

By installing UV air purification lamps in air handling systems air quality can be greatly improved creating a healthier environment for people in their homes and public space, such as offices and schools.  In particular hospitals can benefit, since UV lamps can be used to significantly reduce infection and cross-contamination risks.


Surface Purification

Through general elimination of bacteria on surfaces, UV disinfection is effective in pharmaceutical and food packaging, as well as for surgical instruments. Nail salons also use UV light for reliable disinfection of their instruments.




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