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OSRAM Medical and Scientific Lighting Solutions

The Medical and Scientific markets are among the most demanding for light source technology, often requiring a combination of high brightness, superior color quality and rendering, and precision optics. OSRAM has a long history of providing high performing, reliable light sources that meet the critical demands of medical and laboratory professionals each and every day. From the specialized requirements for surgical light sources to the broad scope of lighting needs within the laboratory, OSRAM has a solution.

 medical and scienific bulbs

 Product Families for Medical and Scientific Lighting



XBO® - Xenon Short Arc


Intense point source that provides a broad, continuous spectrum and has near perfect color rendering in the visible range, with an index greater than 95. Surgical fiber optic devices benefit from the precision optics and accurate color rendering. 


HBO® & HXP® - Mercury Short Arc


Intense point light sources that provide a broad spectrum through the visible and ultraviolet range. The broad spectrum makes these lamps ideal for microscopy and fluorescence applications.



HLX® - Halogen Technology


Medical halogen lamps provide precision filament alignment with perfect color rendering, making them ideal for surgical lighting and microscopy applications.  Lamps designed as HLX utilize Xenon gas in place of Krypton and provide up to 10% greater output over the life of the lamps.



OSRAM pioneering technologies have gone into products such as XBO®, HBO®, HXP® and HLX®. These products have supported the Medical & Scientific markets for many years with high quality and performance that can be relied upon in the operating room, on the examination table, and in the laboratory. 


State-of-the-art manufacturing provides products with precision alignment, high color quality and performance over life, allowing for accurate examinations and medical analysis that are critical to proper diagnosis. From blood analyzers to high powered microscopes, the best lighting helps to deliver precise results.


Whether in the operating room or in the laboratory OSRAM continues to provide light sources with the highest level of precision and performance making them the first choice for replacement lamps for medical and laboratory professionals.



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