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OSRAM Airfield Lamps

OSRAM Airfield Lighting Solutions


Increasing air traffic sets new challenges to airports around the world. To maintain safe, yet cost effective airside operations, high quality lighting solutions for aircraft taxi, take-off, approach and landing are extremely important.


OSRAM lamps for airfield lighting ensure high optical performance with long-lasting durability to keep maintenance costs down, while meeting the high standards required for safety and reliability.

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Product Families for Airfield Lighting

Specialty Halogen - 6.6A Current Controlled


Specialty Halogen - 6.6A Current Controlled


OSRAM uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes to yield high quality lamps with precision filament alignment for the best optical performance within the fixture.



OSRAM 6.6A tungsten halogen lamps for the airfield lighting industry provide reliable, flicker-free operation with consistent light output through their long lifetimes. Durable construction makes them resistant to the effects of vibration and temperature variation.  Light output can be reduced as needed for proper visibility day and night, and the halogen IR signature allows for visibility even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Airfield fixture manufacturers around the world choose OSRAM lamps due to their consistent and reliable performance.



OSRAM Specialty Lighting Solutions

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