Additional User Management
Bulbtronics designed Additional User Management to accommodate customers who want to set up their account for one or more buyers to purchase under one billing address. To set up an account with additional users, the account administrator adds users and determines the user access or privilege profile. In your organization the Account Administrator may be the owner, purchasing director, CFO, office or department manager. If it is not you, please refer this page to the authorizing person.

There is no limit to the number of additional users that can be added to an account. Additional users are prompted to register to establish their unique login and password via an email generated when their name is added as an additional user. Once they do so, they have immediate access to Your organization is responsible for purchases made by all the users listed on the account.
Privilege Profile
Login Enable: This function gives user search access. User does not have access to the following functions, add to cart, view or save a quote or view order history.
View Price & Cart:  Additional User can login, search, build a shopping cart and save a shopping cart as a Quote. Retrieve a quote and view own order history.

The following functions only work when the View Price & Cart function is checked
       Order On-line:
User can complete a transaction.
       View All Users's Quotes:
User can view quote list and quote detail; add quote to shopping cart, for all quotes saved by all users(Additional Users and Account Administrator).
       View All Orders, Invoices, Track:
User can view orders, order detail and invoices; add order to cart, for all transactions by all users (Additional Users and Account Administrator).
       Add & Edit All Shipping Addresses:
User has access to the add, delete, edit functions in Shipping address file for all users (Additional Users and Account Administrator).
       Purchase with Credit Card Only:
Additional User is authorized to buy only with a credit card.
Adding and Managing Additional Users
1. Login
2. Go to Account Information, Account Settings, Additional User Management
3. Go to Add Additional User and fill in the first name, last name and email address of the person you want to add. Please spell their name and email address as they would. This is important, as they will be asked to put in their name as part of their registration process. Both must match.
4. Click on Continue and an email is sent to the person you just added prompting them to register.
5. At any time you may delete a user or alter their profile and their level of access to See Privilege Profile.