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Industrial/Commercial and Hospitality Lighting Products

Lamps for General LightingLamps for General Lighting

Bulbtronics is the supplier of choice for general lighting bulbs and lamps. Our Industrial/Commercial and Hospitality division is dedicated to providing the highest-quality lighting products, value and service to exceed your expectations. We stock compact fluorescents, screw base, bayonet base, indicator, fluorescent and reflector lamps and halogen bi-pin tubes from Osram Sylvania, Philips, General Electric, Ushio, Bulbrite, EYE Lighting / Iwasaki, Venture Lighting, Litetronics, Feit Electric,Eiko and more. Bulbtronics also stocks batteries, ballasts, ignitors, sockets and starters. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Bulbtronics!

Specialty Industrial LampsSpecialty Industrial Lamps

Bulbtronics is the source for lamps and bulbs for train, airport / air field, airplane / aircraft, auto, truck and marine lighting applications. HID lighting, indicator bulbs, LCD projection lamps, projection / AV / photo lamps, graphic arts / press / printing lamps, sealed beam lamps, lamps for automobiles, airplanes and trains, marine lamps and other specialty and hard-to-find bulbs – you’ll find them all at Bulbtronics!

Batteries & Related EquipmentBatteries & Related Equipment

Your search for batteries and chargers stops at Bulbtronics. We are a leading distributor of powerful, high performance batteries for virtually every professional application. We carry all battery types and chemistries including AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, button / coin cells, rechargable batteries, non-rechargeable batteries, silver oxide, zinc air, alkaline, alkaline manganese, lithium, Li-ion, NICAD, NIMH, sealed lead acid and more from renowned battery brands including Duracell, Eveready, Panasonic, Ansmann, and Rayovac. We have the battery selection you demand, the low prices you want, and the customer service you deserve.

Ballasts / DriversBallasts/Drivers

Need a ballast or driver for a fluorescent, HID, LED or other type of lamp? Bulbtronics can help you identify the correct product for your application!

Sockets / LampholdersSockets/Lampholders

Bulbtronics has the sockets and lampholders you need for your application. Choose from a variety including bayonet base lamp sockets, screw base lamp sockets, pin base lamp sockets and more!

Socket AdaptersSocket Adapters

Find the socket adapters you are looking for at Bulbtronics! We have adapters for all base types!


Illuminate your commercial location with our large variety of traditional, LED and audio-visual fixtures.

Tools and FlashlightsTools & Flashlights

Install, adjust, fix and manage your stage lighting with useful tools including flashlights, the Leatherman® multi-tool, the Mega Handle wrench and the Lightspeed wrench.