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Entertainment Batteries

Your search for batteries stops at Bulbtronics. We are a leading distributor of powerful, high performance batteries for virtually every professional application. Bulbtronics carries all battery types and chemistries including primary / non-rechargeable, secondary / rechargeable, battery chargers, AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, button/coin cell, alkaline, lithium, Li-ion, manganese dioxide, NIMH,NICAD/Nickel Cadmium and sealed lead acid. You can be assured you are getting a quality product as we stock batteries from all major manufacturers such as Ansmann, Anton Bauer, Duracell, Empire Scientific, Energizer/Eveready, IDX, Panasonic, Rayovac, Rhino, and Sanyo. We have the battery selection you demand, the low prices you want, and the customer service you deserve.

AA & AAA Batteries

Offering a large selection of chemistries of  AA, and AAA batteries for use in portable electronic devices such as TV remote controls, MP3-players and digital cameras, flashlights, laser pointers, LED penlights, powered computer styluses, glucose meters, and small headphone amplifiers

C Batteries

C cell batteries are used in devices such as larger flashlights, remote-controlled toys, and larger radios.

D Batteries

D cell batteries are typically used in high current drain applications, such as in large flashlights, radio receivers and transmitters, portable entertainment systems, products with motors, safety systems or other applications requiring extended run time.

9 Volt Batteries

9V batteries are commonly used in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, guitar effect units, pocket radios, and radio-controlled vehicle controllers. They are also used as backup power to keep the time in digital clocks and alarm clocks.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are popular, multi-use premium batteries with high rate performance and good shelf life. Alkaline batteries are used for general purpose applications including laptop computers, lighting, photographic equipment, toys, communication equipment, radio and television applications, high drain applications, tape recorders and instruments.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries have high energy density, excellent rate capability, long shelf life and a relatively flat discharge characteristic. Lithium batteries are general purpose batteries used in photographic and electronic applications requiring small, high-power batteries including security transmitters, smoke alarms, computer peripherals, communications equipment, cameras, personal organizers, memory backup and lighting.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are among the fastest growing battery systems used where high-energy density and light weight is of prime importance and are often used in applications such as notebook computers and cellular phones.

Manganese Dioxide Batteries

High energy, power density, good storage life and discharge performance are characteristics of manganese dioxide batteries. Manganese dioxide batteries come in a variety of shapes, most commonly button cells and cylindrical. Manganese dioxide batteries are used most often for high discharge devices like digital cameras, portable power tools, CD players, etc.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd/Nicad) Batteries

The Nicad/NiCd battery is used where long life, high discharge rate and economical price are important. Nickel cadmium batteries can operate in a wide variety of temperatures. Primary applications include two-way radios, biomedical equipment, professional video cameras and power tools.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are rechargeable batteries with fast charge capability, high energy density and flat discharge characteristics. NIMH batteries are most often used in portable computers, cellular phones, camcorders, and other portable consumer electronic devices.

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

The sealed lead acid battery is often used in larger power applications where weight is of little concern. Applications using a sealed lead acid battery include hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

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