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Go Green with RecyclePak®!

March 5, 2010

Be in compliance with state and local laws for the proper and safe disposal of Universal Wastes - bulbs, batteries and ballasts that contain mercury and other hazardous materials - by using RecyclePak® by Veolia. This cost-efficient, safe and convenient line of recycling solutions for bulbs, U-Bends, HIDs, ballasts, dry cell and sealed lead acid batteries is United Nations-tested and Department of Transportation-approved and comes in a variety of sizes for proper disposal of all hazardous wastes.

ONE price includes the container, set-up instructions, prepaid return shipping label to the nearest Veolia Environmental Processing Center and a toll-free number to arrange for pickup. From pick-up and transport to processing, the containers are insured by Veolia. Once the container is received and processed in accordance with federal, state and local laws, RecyclePak® issues a certificate of recycling to the customer for their records.

To learn more about RecyclePak® or to order, visit or call toll-free at 1-800-654-8542. Our expert sales representatives are available to work with you to identify the products you need for your application.