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Stage Fixtures

Selecting the right type of stage lighting fixture can add depth and mood to your production. View our entire selection of items below from manufacturers such as ARRI, American DJ, Altman, City Theatrical, ETC, Elation, High End Systems, Littlite, Lowel, Martin, MBT, Rosco, Strand, Wildfire, Wybron, Varilite, NSI.

Border Light and Strip Light Fixtures

Strip lights and border lights are a family of fixtures that are designed to provide a smooth even wash of light that is typically used for lighting backdrops and other vertical surfaces. Border lights and strip lights typically contain multiple bulbs arranged along the length of the fixture and are suitable for ground row or hanging mount.

Ellipsoidal Fixtures

Ellipsoidal fixtures, commonly known as Lekos have many studio and stage lighting applications. These spotlights feature high intensity sharp or soft edged beams and have many applications including stage, studio, schools, museums, display windows and nightclubs.

Follow Spot Fixtures

These lighting fixtures emit a sharp movable beam of light that can be shaped and resized by an iris in the gate. Follow spot lighting fixtures are used to spot and follow the lead performer in stage productions.

Fresnel Fixtures

Fresnel fixtures are spotlights often used on stage for back, side or down lighting. Fresnel fixtures accept a wide range of lamps and accessories.

LED Fixtures

Bulbtronics can supply you wtih the latest in LED lighting fixtures and accessories. Choose from Gooseneck Lights, Wash, Truss Warmer, and Moving Head

Par Can Fixtures

Par can stage lighting fixtures are used extensively in theater productions and concerts. Par can fixtures are excellent at projecting deep colors and are available in a variety of beam widths and intensities. The addition of barn doors and gels reshape and lend color to the emitted light beam.

Scoop Fixtures

Scoop fixtures are large floodlights that produce a wide, diffused wash of light. Scoop fixtures are often used for lighting stage backdrops.

Stage Lighting Fixture Accessories

Maximize the applications of your stage lighting fixtures with apple boxes, barn doors, c-clamps, mega-clamps, fog machines and fluids, gel frames, stands and safety cables. Sandbags are available to help stabilize equipment.

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