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LED Lamps

Bulbtronics carries a full line of LED lamp retrofits to replace halogens, incandescents, miniature-based bulbs and more. We distribute over 250 of the most current and best-performing LED products from top manufacturers for a wide variety of applications. Bulbtronics can provide you with the right LED to replace your A shaped, bi pin base, candelabra base, globe shaped, linear, MR, PAR, S shaped or tubular bulbs.


A-shaped, or pear-shaped bulbs, are most commonly used in the home for a variety of applications including table lamps, enclosed ceiling fixtures, kitchens, living rooms, recreation rooms and outdoor fixtures. The majority of A-shaped bulbs have a medium screw base (E26/27) which is a single contact threaded screw base with an outer diameter of either 26 or 27 millimeters.

Bi Pin Base

Bi pin base lamps are often referred to as 2-pin, bi pin cap or bi pin socket lamps. Bulbtronics carries a G4 Bi Pin Multi-Chip LED replacement bulb, a G4 Super Flux4 LED, a G4 Ultra Bright 9 LED, and a JC 12V LED retrofit.

Candelabra base

Candelabra base bulbs, or E12 base bulbs, have a diameter of 12mm and are commonly used in applications such as night lights, chandeliers and electric candles. Bulbtronics carries several options to retrofit your existing candelabra base bulb into LED lighting. Choose from Dimple Crystal, Twist Crystal, Diamond Cut, Torpedo, which is available in both E12 and E26 base as well as a dimmable option, or Flame Tip Candelabra in white, frosted or clear glass.

Globe-Shaped Bulbs

LED Globe shaped retrofits are ideal for bathroom vanities and ceiling pendants. Bulbtronics offers several LED retrofits that have unique heat sinks leading to high brightness performance. Choose from color temperatures including 2700K,3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5000K, 5500K, 6000K and non-white colors such as red, green, blue and amber. Available bases include standard medium screw base (E26/27), and candelabra (E12).

Miniature Base

Miniature base bulbs are generally small in size and used for task or indicator lighting. Bulbtronics carries miniature base LEDs which are mostly single-die LEDs ranging in size from 2 mm to 8 mm, through-hole and surface mount diodes to replace your existing mini-base bulbs.


­Multifaceted reflector (MR) lamps are generally used in place of incandescent bulbs for applications such as residential lighting and retail lighting, directional lighting, track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, desk lamps, pendant fixtures, landscape lighting, retail display lighting and specialty lighting applications. Bulbtronics has several MR LED lamps to replace your MR lighting applications.


A parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamp is a sealed-beam lamp with a heat-resistant glass front. The back is parabolic and aluminizes internally to reflect and spread the light beam. PAR lamps are typically used in commercial, residential and transportation lighting applications, recessed cans, stage and theatre lighting, concerts and motion picture production. Find the LED PAR lamps you need at Bulbtronics!   

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