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Industrial Socket Adapters

Socket adapters are used to extend, enlarge or reduce your current lamp socket to another size. Bulbtronics carries several types of socket adapters to fit your lighting needs! We have bayonet base lamp socket adapters, screw base lamp socket adapters, pin base lamp socket adapters, prefocus base lamp socket adapters, recessed base lamp socket adapters and socket adapters for other base types.

Bayonet Base Lamp Sockets

A bayonet base lamp consists of a male side with one or more pins, and a female receptor with matching L slots and springs to keep the two parts locked together. Bulbtronics has the socket adapters to convert your existing bulb into a bayonet base lamp!

Screw Base Lamp Sockets

Screw base lamps are turned clockwise to screw in and turned counterclockwise to unscrew. As an theft deterrent, this can be reversed so that the bulbs cannot be used in other light fixtures. Bulbtronics carries sockets to transform your bulb into either a standard or left hand thread screw base lamp.

Pin Base Lamp Sockets

iPn base lamps are any lamps that have push-in pin base configurations. You’ll be guaranteed to find the socket adapter you need to fit your pin base lamp at Bulbtronics!

Prefocus Base Lamp Sockets

Prefocus base lamps function so that when the bulb is inserted and turned correctly, it will be orientated properly to the lens and reflector. Need a prefocus base lamp socket adapter? Bulbtronics has it!

Recessed Base Lamp Sockets

Bulbtronics has a large selection of socket adapters to fit your recessed base light bulbs.



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