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Specialty Industrial Lighting 

If you are searching for a specialty lamp or a hard-to-find bulb, you’re guaranteed to find it at Bulbtronics. We have an extensive line of replacement lamps for fiber optic light sources, infrared lamps, graphic arts lamps, sealed beam lamps, lamps for automobiles, and photo-optic/AV lamps.

Replacement Lamps for Fiber Optic Light Sources

Offering a variety of replacement lamps for fiber optic light sources such as xenon lamps, HID lamps, and halogen lamps. 

Infrared Lamps (IR)

High-quality infrared (IR) lamps from top manufacturers including General Electric, Osram/Sylvania, Philips, Higuchi/Hikari, Dr. Fischer  and Ushio

Graphic Arts Lamps

Printers and graphics equipment users rely on Bulbtronics for lamps and light bulbs for cameras, scanners, letter presses, cutters, UV curing (infrared (IR) and mercury bulbs) and full spectrum lighting. Our lighting selection includes incandescents, fluorescents, germicidals, halogens, HIDs, infrared (IR), mercury, strobes and xenon lamps from manufacturers such as American, Amjo, Brewer, Fusion, GAF, Gallus, Hanovia, Kopack, Mark Andy, Napp, Nilpeter, Superior Quartz, Theimer, Ultra Violet and Wallace Knight.

Sealed Beam Lamps

We carry sealed beam lamps from top manufacturers such as General Electric, Osram Sylvania, Philips, Ushio, Genesis, and Wagner.

Lamps for Vehicles and Transportation

Bulbtronics is the source for lamps and bulbs for cars/automobiles, trains, airports/airfields, airplanes/aircraft, and trucks. Choose from incandescents, halogens, HIDs and xenon lamps.

Photo-Optic / AV Bulbs

Whether it’s an ANSI coded bulb, halogen, or other specialty bulb for a photo-optic or AV application, Bulbtronics has what you need!

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