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Medical / Scientific Lamps by Category

The medical replacement lamps you need can be found here. Bulbtronics carries several lamps by category including ANSI coded lamps, Cermax Xenon Lamps, CeraLux Xenon Lamps and Modules, IsoLux Headlights (Xenon & LED), IsoLux Xenon Illuminators & Video Systems, HCI/HTI Lamps, HBO mercury arc lamps, XBO xenon arc lamps, UV/Phototherapy/Germicidal Lamps, blue lamps, blacklight lamps, blacklight-blue lamps, Bilirubin-blue lamps, UVA CLEO lamps, miscellaneous UVA lamps, UVB lamps, UVC Lamps with negligible ozone, UVC lamps with high/very high ozone.

ANSI Coded Lamps

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, the regulatory agency that develops standards for performance, dimensions, and safety. ANSI coded bulbs can be identified with a nationally-recognized number system, indicating that they meet ANSI standards. Bulbtronics carries several ANSI coded lamps including BAB, BNF, BRL, CAX, CDD, DDL, DNE, DNF, EFM, EFR, EHT, EJA, EKE, EKP/ENA, ELZ, ENH, ESR, ETC, ETJ, EVA, EXN, EZG, FAD, FCR, FDS/DZE, FXL and GED.

Cermax® Xenon Lamps

If you need a Cermax® xenon lamp, look no further! Bulbtronics has your PE150BF, PE175BF, PE300BF, PE300B10F and PE300C10F from Perkin Elmer.

HID Lamps

Bulbtronics carries several HCI lamps and HTI lamps including the Osram HTI 250W/32 STRYKER 3000, Osram HTI 250W/22 STRYKER 4000, Osram HTI 250W/22 STRYKER 5000, Osram HTI 250W/32 DYONICS MODIFIED and other popular HID lamps.

HBO Mercury Arc Lamps

Our short arc mercury lamps include the Osram HBO 50W/AC/L1, Osram HBO 100W/2, Osram HBO-R 103W/45 and more!

XBO Xenon Arc Lamps

Bulbtronics has a large selection of XBO xenon arc lamps such as the Osram XBO 75W/2/OFR, Osram XBO 100W/OFR, Osram XBO-R 181W IMAGES MODIFIED, and many Perkin Elmer lamps!

UV/Phototherapy/Germicidal Lamps

Bulbtronics has the blue lamps, blacklight lamps, blacklight-blue lamps and Bilirubin-blue lamps, UVA CLEA lamps, miscellaneous UVA lamps, UVB lamps, UVC lamps with negligible ozone and UVC lamps with high/very high ozone you need for your medical facility.


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