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New Bulbtronics LED Lighting Guide is Now Online

October 19th, 2009

Bulbtronics Inc., the premier domestic and international distributor of bulbs, batteries and related lighting products, has introduced an LED Lighting Guide available online.

This comprehensive catalog displays Bulbtronics’ full spectrum of LED retrofit offerings to replace halogens, incandescents, miniature based bulbs and more. Comprised of over 80 LED products, Bulbtronics has hand-selected the most current and best-performing LEDs for a wide variety of products and applications. As LEDs are a newer and constantly changing technology, Bulbtronics is dedicated to routinely reviewing its product line to ensure the most up-to-date technologies are included. This online catalog reflects Bulbtronics’ ever-increasing product line in real-time.

LEDs play a major role in the ‘green’ initiative due to their low energy consumption and absence of hazardous chemicals. LEDs are also challenging the recently popular compact fluorescents (CFLs) as the ‘green’ bulb of choice. There have been concerns about the proper disposal of CFLs as they contain small amounts of mercury, however LEDs are mercury-free, eliminating the need for recycling. They also consume less than half the electricity as CFLs and last twice as long.

“This is an innovative tool for our customers,” says Michael Nachman, Bulbtronics’ LED Specialist. “We are constantly updating our LED product line and the advantage of this online catalog is that real-time information is always available to reflect those additions. This is also a great tool for locating LED replacements for those hard-to-find bulbs for older equipment. Companies and consumers who are concerned about ‘going green’ will find LEDs environmentally-friendly as they do not contain mercury and they conserve energy as compared to traditional bulbs.”

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