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Stage Lighting Lamps

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps burn hotter and brighter than other types of lamps and produce considerable quantities of visible light. Halogen lamps are a must for powerful theatrical stage lighting effects. Bulbtronics carries HPL lamps and QXL Lamps from top manufacturers including General Electric, Osram Sylvania, Philips and Ushio, low voltage lamps, line voltage lamps, and high voltage lamps consisting of reflector lamps such as PARs, MRs and ARs, as well as Bi-Pin Tubes, Double-Ended Lamps, Single-Ended Lamps, ANSI coded lamps, LIF coded lamps, Fast-Fit Lamps, Lok-It Lmaps, and other high voltage lamps.

Metal Halide

Metal Halide lamps offer a long life, high efficacy and are often used for theatrical stage lighting applications that require significant levels of focused light over a large area. Bulbtronics carries Metal Halide lamps such as Double-Ended Lamps, Single-Ended Lamps, HTI lamps, HMI lamps, HSD lamps, HQI lamps, HSR lamps, MSA lamps, MSD lamps, MSI lamps, MSR lamps, CSD lamps, CSR lamps, CSS lamps, GOLD lamps, Fast-Fit lamps, Mini-Fast-Fit lamps, Sharxs lamps, Baby Sharxs lamps, 4Arxs lamps, and Lok-It lamps, from manufacturers including Osram Sylvania, Philips, General Electric, Ushio and others.

Xenon lamps

Xenon lamps offer a bright white light for excellent color and flesh tones. Xenon lamps are ideal for projectors and other stage lighting applications like search lights and follow spots. Bulbtronics carries Xenon lamps from Osram, Ushio, LTI/Philips, and other manufacturers.

Studio Fluorescents

Studio Fluorescent lamps are a cost effective, energy efficient choice, while providing the same amount of light as incandescent lamps. Offering a bright white light for excellent color and flesh tones, they are ideal for projectors and other stage lighting applications such as search lights and follow spots. Bulbtronics carries the Studio Fluorescents lamps including Linear Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent, Blacklight Fluorescent, Color Corrected Fluorescent, Blacklight-Blue Fluorescent, 3200K Fluorescent, and 5500K Fluorescents from manufacturers such as General Electric, Osram, and Kino Flow.

Incandescent lamps

Incandescent lamps are a standard for theatrical stage lighting where cost and ready availability are a consideration. Bulbtronics carries incandescent lamps such as A-Bulbs, PS-Bulbs, R/BR-Bulbs, Blacklights, ECA Bulbs, and many others


Bulbtronics is dedicated to routinely reviewing its product line to ensure the most up-to-date LED technologies are included in our offerings. We have hand-selected the best-performing LEDs to carry for a wide variety of stage and studio lighting applications. Depending on your needs, we have several LED shapes and accessories to choose from including A Series, Bi Pin, Candelabra, Drivers & Controllers, Fixtures, Flashlights & Retrofits, Globe, Miniature Based, MR, PAR, S Series, and Tubular in colors such as red, blue, green, amber, yellow, white, and RGB color changing.


For special effects on stage or illuminating white or fluorescent colors, choose from blacklight offerings from Bulbtronics including Fluorescent, Incandescent, and HID blacklights.

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