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Entertainment Lighting Expendables

Don’t forget the grip and lighting equipment! At Bulbtronics, you’ll find all the finishing touches you need to get your stage set running smoothly and safely. From gaffers tape and heat resistant sash cord to scenic paint, Bulbtronics has all the details covered.

Color Media

Bulbtronics carries everything from Gels, Rolls to Sheets and Sleeves. Find exactly what you need here!


Including metal patterns, glass patterns, a-size patterns, b-size patterns, d-size patterns, and m-size patterns and other types.

Grip and Lighting Equipment Expendables

Professional grips and gaffers all over the world trust these essential entertainment lighting expendables to get their jobs done right. Bulbtronics is your source for gaffer tape, sash cord, tie line, Dust off, Blackwrap and more.

Sockets & Socket Adapters

Bulbtronics offers Screw Base, Pin Base, Bayonet Base, Prefocus Base, Recessed Contact Base and other types of sockets and adapters.


Bulbtronics has your connectors! Choose from leading industry manufacturers including Bates, Union connectors, Advanced Devices, Crouse Hinds, Leviton, Hubbel and Rosco for stage pin connectors, panel mount connectors, cam-lok type connectors and Twist lock.


From electrical tape to caution tape, Bulbtronics has what you need to hold your production together. Choose from Aluminum Tape, Artist Tape, Blackwarp foil tape, Cable Path Tape, Camera Tape, Caution Tape, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Floor Tape, Foam tape, Friction Tape, Gaffer Tape, Gel Repair Tape, Glow Tape, Label Tape, Marking Tape, Masking Tape, Photographic Tape, Spike Tape, Velcro Tape or other various types of tape.                      

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