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Entertainment Lighting Products

Bulbtronics offers a comprehensive selection of replacement lamps, professional lighting equipment, electrical components, diffusion materials and batteries for stage, studio, themed environments, live productions, night clubs, concerts, film, video, TV production and architectural applications. Find exactly what you need below or call our knowledgeable entertainment lighting sales representatives at 1-800-227-2852.

Entertainment LampsEntertainment Lamps

We carry stage lighting lamps for all types of entertainment lighting equipment. You’ll find thousands of lamps including ANSI coded lamps, LIF coded lamps, High Voltage/Mains Voltage Lamps, Line Voltage Lamps, Low Voltage Lamps, HPL Lamps, Color-Corrected Lamps, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, high intensity discharge, metal halide, incandescent, IR, xenon, LCD projector lamps and more. We source from all major stage lighting and lamp manufacturers such as Osram Sylvania, Philips, Kino Flo, Wildfire, Ushio, and General Electric. In addition to stage lighting products, Bulbtronics also supplies photographers and videographers with a wide selection of lamps and electrical products for studio and on-site applications.   

Entertainment Batteries & Related EquipmentBatteries & Related Equipment

Your search for batteries and chargers stops at Bulbtronics. We are a leading distributor of powerful, high performance batteries for virtually every professional application. Our inventory includes a large selection of battery types and chemistries to fit cameras, two-way radios, flashlights, remote controls, video cameras and many other industrial and commercial products. We carry all battery types and chemistries including primary / non-rechargeables, secondary / rechargeables, AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, button/coin cell, alkaline, lithium, Li-ion, manganese dioxide, NIMH, sealed lead acid, NiCad, and more from renowned battery brands including Duracell, Eveready/Energizer, Panasonic, Rayovac, Ansmann, Anton Bauer, and IDX. We have the battery and battery charger selection you demand, the low prices you want, and the customer service you deserve.

Entertainment ExpendablesStage Expendables

Stage expendables are all here – paint, tape, artist tape, duct tape, electric tape, Gaffers tape, masking tape, spike tape, sash cord, blackwrap, tie line, Dustoff, and more. Improve your set design with stage and theater lighting color media and patterns. Color media: flourescent sleeves, color media: gels/filters, conversion filters, gel rolls, gel sheets, gobos / patterns, metal patterns, glass patterns, a-size patterns, b-size patterns, d-size patterns, and m-size patterns from renowned names like Rosco, GAM Products and Lee Filters create moods and patterns for all entertainment productions. For special effects choose fog fluids for very heavy fog, scented fog, quick dissipating fog, low lying fog, or fine haze. We offer connectors from leading industry manufacturers including Bates, Union, Advanced Devices, Crouse Hinds, Leviton, Hubbel, and Rosco. Choose stage pin connectors, panel mount connectors, cam-lok type connectors, Edison type and Twist lock.

Stage FixturesStage Fixtures

Bulbtronics can supply you with fresnel, par can, ellipsoidal, followspot, scoop, borderlight and striplight fixtures. You’ll also find accessories to complement your stage lighting fixtures such as c-clamps, barn doors, sandbags, gel frames, stands, mega-clamps and safety cables.


Entertainment Electronic Lighting ControlElectronic Lighting Control

Your search for dimming units, drivers, controllers, Console/Desk, Power supplies, Data supplies, remote controls, and DMX contorllers and other various electronic component ends here - Bulbtronics has it all!

Etertainment Tools and FlashlightsTools & Flashlights

Install, adjust, fix and manage your stage lighting with useful tools such as flashlights and lanterns.

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