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LED Flashlights and Retrofits


Flashlights are hand-held, portable, electric-powered light sources that are typically illuminated by small incandescent bulbs. They are designed so that the light source is mounted in a parabolic or other shaped reflector, and contain a transparent lens to protect the light source from damage and debris. The majority of flashlights are hand-held, but some are able to be mounted onto the head or a helmet. Flashlights are generally battery-operated, but there are some that are powered by hand-cranked dynamos, electromagnetic induction or are solar powered.

LED flashlights are now available. Flashlights using LEDs instead of conventional bulbs can be significantly more efficient at lower power levels as they use less battery energy. LEDs are less fragile than other glass lamps and some LED flashlights can electronically regulate the voltage.

Bulbtronics carries several LED flashlights, many of which use Cree LEDs, the leading LED manufacturer. We also have LED retrofits to use in place of other bulbs in your current flashlight.


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